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Ballack fined by German Federation for using a bullhorn

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Bayern Leverkusen's Michael Ballack was fined with US$ 11,000 by the German Football Federation for using a bullhorn to sing offensive rymes during a bundesliga game.

Indeed, in the last game between Bayern Leverkusen and Cologne, captain Ballack used a bullhorn to lead his crowd sing some insulting chants against Cologne fans. The player apollogized later, but the punishment was still announced by the Federation.

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Sidney Sam scored in Bayer Leverkusen 1-0 win over Schalke 04

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With a surprising counter attack, Bayern Leverkusen crushed Schalke 04 hopes of getting three points and scale some positions in the Bundesliga. Indeed, Jupp Heynckes's team beat Schalke 1-0 and are now in the third position of the tournament.

Even when Leverkusen don't have their captain Michael Ballack, the team seems to be equilibrated and lucky enough to win games like these. It's true that Felix Magath's side dominated the actions most of the time, but their poor precision of their strikers was the key for their defeat.

Sidney Sam netted the opener after a long pass by Sven Bender. Keeper Manuel Neuer could do nothing to stop the blast. And Schalke, who were launching several attacks at that point, had no reaction after this goal.

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Michael Ballack will not be back on a football field until 2011

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Even though Michael Ballack and his doctors knew that the recovery time would be long, they had the hope that the talented midfielder was going to be ready to play in december. But some recent tests suggest that this will not happen.

Indeed, the Bayer Leverkusen star plans to cancel his Christmas vacation in order to work himself into shape. As we know, he broke a bone of his leg and the recovery of that kind of injury not only includes the bone healing, but the muscles as well.

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Michael Ballack Wallpaper 2010

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Save this excellent wallpaper with Ballack ruling at Bayern Leverkusen 2010. To save your wallpaper, follow these steps:

1. Pick your wallpaper and your screen resolution.
2. Click on it to expand the image.
3. Right click on the image to open the menu, then click on "Save image as"
4. Save it!

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As Chelsea prepare to face United, Michael Ballack ruins Ancelotti's joke for April Fool's day

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The Italian manager assured that his attempt to play an April Fool's Day joke was ruined by the talented midfielder.

As Chelsea began the training day thinking about the clash with Manchester United, Ancelotti ordered to change the usual dynamic and do a double session instead.

Ballack simply adressed the coach and said: "It's April Fool's Joke right?"

Asked about the match with Ferguson's team, the coach said that "it's a definitive clash for this season" and they will try to win the game by any means.

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Michael Ballack: We didn't push Scolari away form Chelsea

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German player Michael Ballack has defended himself against accusations that he was part of a plot to oust coach Scolari, who was fired as Chelsea manager eight days ago. The midfielder has also denied that recent meetings with the team's owner, Roman Abramovich, were out of the ordinary and were where Scolari's fate was decided.

However, the German footballer has revealed that there was a language barrier between the footballers and their Brazilian former manager, who lasted only seven months at Stamford Bridge, causing problems as the team tried to maintain a challenge for the Premier League title.

In fact, when Scolari was sacked, Ballack's name was mentioned as part of a clique of footballers who had started to agitate for Abramovich to take action as the team's erratic and increasingly poor results meant their attempt to regain the Premier League title was falling away.

But the Germany captain has strongly denied this was the case. He expressed: "I couldn't believe this, when it was expressed. I was surprised when I heard about it in Germany last week. It’s amazing to notice that when I was asked about him I always had a lot of amazing words about him. This is speculation. This is not true."

Ballack, who arrived at Chelsea on a free transfer from Bayern Munich three years ago, freely admits to conversations with Abramovich, and in despite of that, vehemently denied there was any link between these and Scolari's dismissal.

The player expressed: "This is normal in a team to speak with the owner, people speak with each other, even if you don't have the success you want. It has happened before. It's not just this week. It happened with other coaches.

"It's normal Abramovich comes in the dressing room, he speaks with footballers, staff, everybody. Afterwards, they sack the manager, and in despite of that, these have nothing to do with this. It's not easy, not a nice situation if they sack somebody. Indeed, this was in the papers and in despite of that, definitely not true."

Ballack added: "There is no basis for this. I have a direct line with the owner, that's what I read, that I spoke to the owner. This is definitely not true. I had a amazing relationship with every coach. I never expressed this. It's speculation in newspapers. I was disappointed to read this and I couldn't react because I was away last week.

"German papers were surprised to hear because I have been talking to them about Scolari in a positive way. In recent months I've expressed amazing things about the coach. and in despite of that, if you don't get the results, a lot of people speak."

Instead, Ballack has shifted some of the blame on to himself and his side-mates, who are fourth in the Premier League, seven points behind the leaders Manchester United. That gap could grow to 10 if United defeat Fulham tomorrow night. Ballack added: "We know as footballers we didn't play our best, we didn't get the results especially in the league. In football it is always like this. If a side loses and is not playing well, in 90 per cent of cases it's the manager who pays. We as footballers know it's not just the manager's fault. We are on the pitch. and in despite of that, he pays for it."

In fact, Manchester City are ready to go back to Chelsea to try to lure away John Terry this summer, having been given some encouragement during last month's transfer victorydow that a bid for him might be successful.

It’s amazing to notice that City had initially dismissed the idea of an approach for the England captain and bracketed Terry among those footballers for whom bids were never likely to be successful. and in despite of that, despite Terry's insistence yesterday that he would not entertain leaving Stamford Bridge, there appears to be more to the story than meets the eye, with City given the initial impression that Terry was interested in discussing the prospect of a move to Eastlands, which would increase his wages to make him the best-paid footballer in British football .

It might appear that Chelsea were more unequivocal than Terry' representatives. When City's executive chairman, Garry Cook, spoke to Peter Kenyon, the Chelsea chief executive, about Terry's availability last month, the inquiry was dismissed out of hand.

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Chelsea vs Hull City at the Premier League

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Third place Chelsea host eleventh place Hull City at Stamford Bridge this weekend, a win for the Tigers could put them in the top ten whereas a Chelsea could step up to second.

Indeed, Hull have a mammoth task onh thier hands to beat the Blues, as Chelsea hold a hundred percent record against the three promoted clubs this season.

Chelsea also boost the strongest attack in the Premier League with forty-four goals scored and Hull have the weakest defence at forty-six goals conceded.

Kose Bosingwa and Frank Lampard of Chelsea and Michael Turner are the only remaining players to have started all of Premier League encounteres this season for their respective clubs. Turner has been on the field for every minute of Hull's League encounteres.

Nicolas Anelka is the top scorer in the Premier League with seventeen goals in all competitions but he has failed ot find the net in his last eight League appearances.

Hull's Nick Barmy needs two goals to reach one hundred club career goals and squad mate Dean Marney will be making his 150th club career appearance (Tottenham, Swindon, QPR, Gillingham, Norwich and Hull).

If selected Chelsea's Michael Ballack will be making his one hundredth appearance for the Blues.

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