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He moved to Chelsea to win the Champions League

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Michael Ballack decided to move away from Munich, to land in Chelsea. And he is planning to stay there for a very long time. Maybe until his final days as a football player.

"I really hope things work out well and that we’re successful in the next three years and the possibility will exist to extend that deal.

"Yes, you could say that is my vision at the moment, to end my career at Chelsea."

The Germany captain makes no secret of the fact that he has come to west London in a bid to get the Champions League title.

However, he admits that even Roman Abramovich’s billions are not enough to guarantee the team can triumph in the competition won by Barcelona last week.

Ballack admitted: "The Champions League is my objective but there are no guarantees of winning anything. You can buy as many great players as you want but there are no guarantees."

"Perfect conditions exist at Chelsea FC but I was a Champions League runner-up at Bayer Leverkusen when I moved to Bayern Munich to join a fantastic squad, with Ze Roberto and Sebastian Deisler at the top of his game.

"Some fans said it was the German team of the century but we were eliminated in the first round."


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