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Ballack angry with the team performance

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Ballack played in the last game, but he is unhappy with Germany's display in the 2-2 draw with Japan.

In fact, the local team were forced to hit back from two goals down to salvage a face-saving draw, and Ballack was unimpressed with Klinsmann's tactics for the encounter.

"Coach Jurgen Klinsmann has formulated a very young squad in the last two years and we are always making the same mistakes and we have the same problems in defence," Ballack expressed in the build-up to Friday's friendly with Colombia.

"We count with a very, very attacking style as we showed against Japan but we are losing too much possession.

"Facing nations which will be very well prepared for the World Cup, like Costa Rica, Ecuador and Poland (Germany's Group A opponents), we should be concentrating on our defence line.

"The coach knows what I think as well as what other players think. We have already spoken about this issue. However, it's up to him to make the final decisions.

We don't need to talk every day. He's the trainer and sets up the system that he wants us to play.

"By and large we're in agreement. On some points we have different points of view. If every player expressed their opinions aloud all the time we'd be in chaos."


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