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Ballack's thoughts after the World Cup

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The World Cup is over, but in Michael Ballack's head, the sad memories of the defeat against Italy are still present. And he fears his chance of lifting the World Cup disappeared when his side were beaten in the semi-finals.

According to Ballack, Germany reached the last four but it is unlikely he will be able to lead his country in South Africa in 2010.

"I will be almost 34 and at that age there is no guarantee I will be there," Ballack expressed with a sad look in his eyes. "I was aware that this could be my last chance to be a world champion."

The German midfielder, who has won 70 caps, skippered the Germans to the final of the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea but was suspended and had to watch from the sidelines as they lost 2-0 against Ronaldo's Brazil.

And Ballack played a significant part in Germany's run to this year's semi-finals before they were edged out by the Italians in extra-time.

Germany then triumphed in the third-place play-off with a 3-1 victory over Portugal.

However, he says he will make up for disappointment at missing out on football's biggest prize by turning his attention to bringing Champions League success to Chelsea.

"It is great that I have a new challenge after the World Cup," said Ballack.

"After this highlight I do not have the routine at Bayern Munich but a new motivation. I want to win the Champions League at Chelsea.

"As usual, I will go to Italy on holiday and on July 30 I start with Chelsea."


Blogger Diana James said...

It is sad to see the German defeat with Italy in the semi finals, especially , since it came within the last 5 mins, in the extra time.
However, Ballack's skills as a captain stood out for the fact that the Italians did not score before that, even though there were many a chance.

I do hope Ballack would be there as the captain for the next World cup. With the magic of Klinsmann and Ballack, nothing would ever stop Germany in 2010... Ballack, Klinsmann, are you listening??

1:42 AM  
Blogger Diana James said...

It was really disappointing to see the German defeat against Italy, especially in the last 5 mins of the game, which even ran into overtime. After 120 mins of play, Germans definitely deserved the penalty shootouts. Unfortunately, the hand of fate thought otherwise.
In my opinion, Ballack ought to captain Germany for the next World Cup. Ballack proved his captaincy in several instances in this World Cup. Playing in pain against the Argentinians was one of them. The Italians would have scored in the first 90 mins, if it wasn’t for the leadership of Ballack.

The magic created by Klinsmann and Ballack is absolutely fantastic. Germany has many a chance to lift the World Cup in 2010. With many of the players staying on for the next WC, and the magic of Klinsmann and Ballack together, certainly will lead to the Germans lifting the Cup in the South African WC… Klinsmann, Ballack, are you listening???

2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Torcemos para que Ballack possa fazer uma bela campanha no Chelsea e certamente ele fará. Foi triste vê-lo decepcionado com a derrota da Alemanha pela Itália, sabíamos da importância para ele de erguer a taça da Alemanha capeã em sua própria casa. Mas é vida que segue e quem sabe ele ralemte estará lutando bravamente pela Alemanha em 2010. Sucesso para ele que é um guerreiro.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god!!!
he is hot man!!!!!!

6:07 PM  

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