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"I am at my limit"

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Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack has told German newwspapers he is on the verge of struggling with his club's busy playing schedule. And we must consider that Germany take on Cyprus tonight in a Euro 2008 qualifier.

In fact, the former Bayern Munich player fears the lack of a winter break in England, but also said he came to London to prove himself.

"I am not on my reserves yet, but physically I am at my limit," Michael admitted. "We will see how it will go in the spring without a pause in the winter."

As we know, he did admitted he left Munich for a new challenge, but also because of the tougher schedule.

"I deliberately switched from the lighter match in Munich to prove myself," he added.

"I don't enjoy the same privileges here as I did in Germany. Great performances are important for us to play, but I'm glad I took the step."


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