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Bayern Munich is defeated and Hamburg wins

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Bayern Munich was demolished 3-0 on their travels to third-placed Werder Bremen. The red team had a really bad performance, and the 2-0 victory of Hamburg over Borussia Moenchengladbach reduced the lead to four points.

Aware of the poor level they showed, Michael Ballack said the situation was "dangerous" and his team would do well not to rely on their current cushion. "Nothing's gone wrong so far, but we know we're not in great form at the moment. We have to keep our cool, but we mustn't be over-confident. Our difference is slowly melting away, so we need to perform for the remainder of the season, and then we'll basically be safe and dry."

However, Magath detected "an improvement" compared to recent matches, and felt his side were in good enough shape to negotiate their remaining fixtures, at home to Bielefeld, Stuttgart and Dortmund, and away to Mainz and Kaiserslautern. "Our fate is in our own hands. I don't think we'll throw it away now," the manager declared.