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"Mourinho convinced me to move to Chelsea"

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Chelsea FC player Michael Ballack has revealed how the personal effort from coach Jose Mourinho convinced the German to choose Stamford Bridge over the summer.

Indeed, Ballack told a local newspaper: "He sent me text messages, wishing me luck, and another message of congratulations each time we won.

"After our loss to Italy he told me we could be proud of the way we'd played. It definitely came across that he was the manager who wanted me most.

"I think he is not at all as I imagined after reading about him in the papers. Yes, he stands up for his team at all times, but he is not arrogant, he can be relaxed and very amusing. Most of all, I've noticed that he expresses exactly what he is thinking, he is very truthful like that and you always know where you stand with him. That's good. Unfortunately it's not normal in football."